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Sandra K. Meyer

Watercolor Artist - the "Artnut"

Sandy Meyer Watercolor Workshop

Watercolor Supply List


I use Winsor Newton whenever possible.  However, if you already have watercolors, we will use them.

Cobalt Blue                                        Permanent Magenta

Winsor Red                                        Antwerp Blue

Winsor Yellow                                   Burnt Sienna

Cadmium Orange                             Scarlet Lake

Permanent Rose

Daniel Smith Colors  - Quinacridone Gold and Quinacridone Burnt Orange

Please bring the paints you have


A palette should have divided paint wells and a central mixing area with a lid to keep paint fresh.               If you do not have a palette, please bring a large white plate.


I use 140# Arches cold press watercolor paper.  Bring at least 3 sheets.  I will have paper for sale at $5.00 per sheet.


A Robert Simmons Goliath number 26 or 18, or a similar brand round brush.  Two inch bristle brush-available at hardware stores for approx. $ 1.00.   Also bring any old brushes you have.  I will have some brushes available for sale. You may also want to use a 1 or 2 inch synthetic watercolor brush.  I prefer Robert Simmons or Jack Richeson 9000 brushes.  I use a #14, #7.  I also like a #3 for masking fluid and a #1 liner for fine work.   Please bring what you are comfortable with.  

Misc. supplies

Pencil and paper for notes

Mr. Clean Magic Rub Eraser

Old stiff and smooth toothbrushs

Two water containers (plastic)

Masking tape and trash bag

Paper towels


Small bar of soap

Hair dryer

Fine spray bottle for water (hair spray bottles work great)

Kleenex or Puffs

Plastic to cover table

Board to put your painting on

Regular Eraser

 If you need supplies, please call so I will have them available.  I will have paper for sale.  I also have    brushes you may borrow or buy.

  If you do not have watercolors, please contact me and I will bring an extra palette with paint in it. 

 If you have any questions call 308-532-9799 or e-mail