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Sandra K. Meyer

Watercolor Artist - the "Artnut"

 People ask me what I paint, and I reply, anything I want to!  I am driven to paint to quiet my inner self.  I am excited to try new techniques on old subjects.  How can I paint things with a new twist and still keep them realistic?  I find my creativity is at it’s best when I am standing at my table with a big brush, big piece of good paper and top notch juicy watercolors.  I strive to do a painting at one sitting (or standing) to let my juices flow with ease.  I like to be able to splash and splat with excitement and abandonment.  The colors I use are my signature.

When a painting is "finished" I  am ready to let go.  The creative process is my joy.  Sandra on paintingMy design is often a soft T shape.  I create pattern and texture by unusual pieces of found items from the house, streets, ocean or just plain trash.    I must like the way the painting moves and the way it moves me,  the colors excite me and the light sparkles.  When people see my work I want them to feel wowed!  Then I want them to take the piece home and love it and enjoy it.